Six Degrees of Self-Delusion

 Volume 38, nr. 2    10 minutes    By Anne de Klerk, English

A special yearbook from 1942: “This book is not ordinary at all, but the materialisation of some despicable beliefs.”

Anne de Klerk does a deep dive into an NSB yearbook to reveal the intricate methods this organisation used to forge a singular identity among its members. Analysing everything from seemingly mundane theatre advertisements to overtly anti-Semitic cartoons, this study provides a vivid and chilling portrayal of the inner workings of a truly dangerous group of people.

Anne de Klerk is an energetic History Research Master student at Utrecht University. Her research interests include but are not limited to the politics of conflict, remote warfare, and military history. However, she does not shy away from a (historical) challenge. After concluding her studies, she hopes to make a societal impact with her research.

Header image: Cover of National-Socialist Yearbook 1942. Source: Nat.-Soc. Jrbk., P-1

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