Welcome to the Aanzet

Aanzet is the magazine by and for History students from Utrecht.

With three editions per year, Aanzet offers students the opportunity to publish their own research in a popular-scientific journal.

The benefits of publishing?

As a student, you will learn to rewrite articles for publication at the Aanzet. You’ll get off to a great start on a career as a writer. Plus, you’ll have an academic publication to your name right away!

Besides, Aanzet publishes reviews, essays and other rubrics. These also appear on the website. Aanzet is a bilingual journal, with articles in both Dutch and English.

Meet the editors

Recent English Articles

  • Destroying Democracy
    Philippe Pétain’s methods and reasons for undermining democracy: “During World War II, the democratic institutions of the French Republic were actively destroyed.”
  • A New Approach for a New History
    Opinion piece on including the histories of indigenous peoples in historical debate: “It is crucial to consider to whom you give voice.”
  • Appraising Orlando Figes?
    Review of book The Europeans by Orlando Figes: “The Europeans is clearly a testimony to Figes’ erudition.”

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