Innocent Manipulation

 Volume 39, nr. 2
10 minutes
By Emma Rademaker, English

A deep-dive into the use of children’s animation as a propaganda tool in the Second World War, by Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

In this article, Emma Rademaker explores the world of animated propaganda in the Second World War. She focuses on the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, using Ian Kershaw’s concept of ‘(non-)interventionism’ to compare and contrast the two. The article also provides a short history of animated films in these two countries.

Born in Scotland, Emma Rademaker gained a love of history by visiting Viking sites, stanning Mary, Queen of Scots and watching Horrible Histories. She discovered her passion for cultural history and the arts during her bachelors, and is currently doing the masters Comparative Arts and Media at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Image at top: Hitler and Goebbels at the premiere of the film Olympia, April 20th, 1938. Source: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek