Submit articles

Would you like to know how to publish an article? Or are you looking for an additional publication to add to your CV? You are always welcome to submit pieces.

The Aanzet is looking for new pieces to publish at different times of the year. So if you have written a good paper or an interesting thesis, you can always send it in. Afterwards, the editors will decide whether to publish it or not.

What are the editors looking for?

  • Interesting topics.
  • Original research using primary sources.
  • Strong arguments.
  • Good writing style.
  • Fun collaboration!

What does the publishing process entail?

  • At an initial meeting, the editors decide which articles to publish.
  • Editors will contact the author and provide feedback. An article, not a rubric, is up to 2,500 words long.
  • After a second meeting, a few weeks later, the author gets more feedback. Mostly comments via Google Docs.
  • After the last meeting, the author will dot the i’s and cross the t’s.
  • Final editors check for the last time.
  • Designer puts the edition together.
  • Publication and promotion!

The editors will respond as soon as possible, and can be reached at