Javaanse kris, oftewel een soort dolk versierd met goud.

De Javaanse kris: machtssymbool pur sang

In this Beeldspraak Maud examines how the Javanese kris is a symbol of power and the practice of politics in various ways. She describes how gift-giving has traditionally been a way of maintaining political relations and why building a collection of colonial objects is not a neutral activity. She links all this to the kris that is central to this article, in order to illustrate the direct link between the object and the past.

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De passie van… Maarten Prak

On the 2nd of July, the notable and renowned Professor Maarten Prak ended his tenure at Utrecht University. For years, he has been committed to the meticulous study of history and high-quality education. We talked about Maarten Prak’s passion for the polder model during this interview. Moreover, we discussed its history and the effect of the phenomenon on contemporary society.

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