Enno Maessens staat in een straat. Hij draagt een blauwe jas, sjaal en trui en kijkt zijlings de camera in.

De passie van… Enno Maessen

In this De passie van…, Enno Maessen explains his passion for urban history and the diversity of Istanbul. The interview discusses where this love for urban history and Turkey originated from and explains the importance of the experience of space. Enno hopes to share his passion with students and colleagues alike. Hopefully, this De passie van… inspires you to delve a little deeper into the possible fields of exploration within urban history and Turkey.

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Gertjan Plets leunt op een katheder terwijl hij presenteert.

De passie van… Gertjan Plets

We interview dr. Gertjan Plets about passions in all shapes and forms: passions at work, in leisure time and at the interface between the two. Topics discussed are Gertjan’s journey from archaeology to heritage, his recent research into energy companies’ sponsorship of museums, his enthusiasm for handiwork and cycling, and what he looks for in colleagues and students. Above all, Gertjan celebrates passion and encourages everyone to follow their interests.

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De passie van… Maarten Prak

On the 2nd of July, the notable and renowned Professor Maarten Prak ended his tenure at Utrecht University. For years, he has been committed to the meticulous study of history and high-quality education. We talked about Maarten Prak’s passion for the polder model during this interview. Moreover, we discussed its history and the effect of the phenomenon on contemporary society.

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