Drawing of a campfire with people sitting around it.

A New Approach for a New History

  Volume 38, nr. 1    4 minutes    By John Healey, English.

Opinion piece on including the histories of indigenous peoples in historical debate: “It is crucial to consider to whom you give voice.”

In this Inzet, John Healey advocates for an open dialogue between historians and indigenous North Americans to create a more well-rounded, inclusive historical debate.
This dialogue can also broaden the perspective of new historical work and deepen personal understanding.

John Healey is a first-year history student most interested in intellectual and indigenous history. Born and raised in Canada, he has long been exposed to the harmful legacy of colonialism, and is eager to share the message of awareness and reconciliation.

Image at top: Francis S. Drake, At an Iroquois Council Fire in “Indian History for Young Folks”, 1919. Source: Internet Archive Book Images, via Flickr.

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