Tekening van gezicht op het slot Zuylen te Oud-Zuilen (gemeente Zuilen) uit het noorden.

Een onderzoek naar de adel

In this Hoe geschiedenis jij? professor Renger de Bruin talks about historical research on a specific subject: the nobility. He does so by introducing his two current studies, one on the nobility in the province of Utrecht and the other on members of the Bailiwick of Utrecht of the Teutonic Order, between 1640 and the midpoint of the twentieth century. Renger touches on the different sources and research methods used, but also on the role and position of nobles through time.

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De passie van… Maarten Prak

On the 2nd of July, the notable and renowned Professor Maarten Prak ended his tenure at Utrecht University. For years, he has been committed to the meticulous study of history and high-quality education. We talked about Maarten Prak’s passion for the polder model during this interview. Moreover, we discussed its history and the effect of the phenomenon on contemporary society.

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