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Episode 3 – Swiss Neutrality: Past, Present and Future? Historian Liliane Stadler on neutrality in multilateral diplomacy

In this final episode of the first season of Studio ’82, we interview Dr. Liliane Stadler, who is an expert on Swiss foreign policy, specifically during the late Cold War period. Among others, we discuss her new book, The History of Neutrality in Switserland, the country’s role during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the future of Switserland’s international relations in a polarised world.

About the speaker

Dr. Liliane Stadler is an author and historian, whose research focuses primarily on international relations and neutral states during the latter part of the 20th century. She specialises in Swiss foreign policy during the final decades of the Cold War and has recently published her first book, focussing on the Swiss role in mediating during the war in Afghanistan. She is currently a lecturer of the History of International Relations at the Department of History and Art History at Utrecht University.

The makers

Thomas Rademaker is currently a first-year history student. He is particularly interested in political and military history, both ancient and contemporary. Since the beginning of this academic year, Thomas has been an editor at Historical Journal Aanzet and is also a podcast producer for Studio ’82.

Mika Feldman is currently a first-year history student. Her interests lie in cultural history as well as political-military history of the late-modern period. Starting this year as a designer for the Historical Journal Aanzet, she is also a podcast producer for Studio ’82.