Boris staat op een brug boven een kanaal met zijn handen achter zich gevouwen.

Boris Wesseldijk – Secretary

Hey there! My name is Boris Wesseldijk, I’m 20 years ‘old’ and the proud (first ever) secretary of Historical Journal Aanzet! Helmond was the city where I grew up, but I’m currently living in the heart-warming town of Hilversum. 

I’m really interested in politics and early-modern history, so that’s why Political Conflict is my specialization in my second year of my bachelor. Always in for a walk or talk and being very ambitious are other characteristics of mine. For my leisure, I love to spend my time on reading, writing, talking (a LOT), and listening to music. 

I’m so glad to make a part of the Aanzet this year, because our three issues are going to be AMAZING! Fasten your seatbelts people, here we go!